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While we are not required to finish the work, neither are we allowed to walk away from it.

Welcome! I’m excited you are here joining me in my re-election campaign.

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I believe there is still important work to do addressing the issues at hand and for the future. My role and that of Council is to make sound decisions for the city of Greensboro and our citizens.

I remain responsive to the people of Greensboro, especially my constituents in District 4. Hearing our citizens’ voices is important. I am committed to listening, researching issues, and then making informed, thoughtful decisions.

I love serving this city and her citizens.

My Strengths

  • I am proactive and see the big picture developing for Greensboro with good jobs, strong companies, and vibrant neighborhoods that offer an excellent quality of life.
  • I offer quiet, thoughtful leadership, including having meaningful discussions, to enrich the lives of our citizens.
  • I remain committed to innovative, creative thinking to engage citizens and businesses in making Greensboro a magnet for more talent and economic growth.
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What People Say About Me

“When I look for a good leader, I want someone who processes all the information, takes it all in and doesn’t just shoot from the hip and be impulsive. I want somebody who can put that all together and that’s what Nancy does in meetings, in listening to her constituents – she really tries to bring it all together.”

Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall

Attorney and former Chair of the Greensboro Zoning Commission

“Her comments are just so thought out and wise.”

Leslie Isakoff

Leslie Isakoff

Executive Director of A Simple Gesture

“Nancy has helped us overcome a number of challenges with our ABC business”

Frankie Jones

Frankie Jones

Attorney and member of the Greensboro ABC Board

“I say vote for Nancy Hoffmann. She’s smart, she educates herself on the issues. She’s willing to take a stand but she’s not a grandstander She is the kind of elected leader we need in this community.”

Kathy Manning

Kathy Manning

US Representative for NC 6th Congressional District

“She’s the type of person people listen to because everything she says is well thought out.”

Peter Isakoff

Peter Isakoff

Attorney and Chair of the Greensboro Minimum Housing Commission

“When she is deciding what the next move should be she doesn’t just act out of emotion. She listens and not only to people in her district but outside her district.”

Amina Cliette

Amina Cliette

Former teacher and community organizer in Greensboro, US Department of Agriculture employee
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