Letter to the Editor: Hoffmann Delivers in a number of ways

Letter to the Editor: Hoffmann Delivers in a number of ways

Posted September 20, 2017

Greensboro News & Record

I know several people running for a seat on Greensboro’s City Council but none better than Nancy Hoffmann.

Nancy has backed solid economic development plans for the city, endorsed calls for unity among all people — including folks who work and live among us without full documentation. She has supported events that put Greensboro on the cultural map, like the recent National Folk Festival. She supports small businesses, artists, students and people living on the edges of our society. She has invested her time and resources in Greensboro and is always glad she does.

 Nancy shows up. She is all over this city — at events, forums, casual conversations around a coffee table, and in meetings both public and private — in an effort to advance the causes that guide Greensboro to become a growing, vital and caring community for all people. Want to meet her? Find her next public conversation gathering and she will welcome you like she has the 30-plus times she has held them in public spaces throughout town. Nancy does her homework.

She has the tough conversations. She studies the issues. She is consistently dependable. She is, in short, a leader who delivers.

-Mary Wessling, Greensboro Citizen

Victoria Ball

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