My Campaign

Six years have passed and I am planning for another election and feeling the same way I did in the beginning. My reasons for wanting to serve another term remain essentially unchanged. Quite simply it is to provide leadership that Drives and Challenges us to think Bigger and Bolder every day about our City and what we can be. I want us to think long term and demand good execution. I want to focus our attention on the Future, and I want to encourage and mentor our young leaders. I want to direct the investment of resources to support the growth of businesses that are here; to attract new business to come here; and to provide entrepreneurs the environment they want for their start-ups.

The old recipe for economic development no longer works.  A current survey of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs indicated the most important factors for them are availability of skilled labor and “a great place to live.” These are the areas I will keep a laser focus on.

Take a moment to watch the video below, to get a better understanding of who I am and how we can achieve the greatest outcomes for Greensboro and its people.