“I have known Nancy from the late 1970’s when she was an executive with Milliken & Co. and serviced all the major department stores in the South and Southeast.

Nancy is a woman of principal with strong work ethic who I have admired throughout my career. She eventually continued up the corporate ladder moving into the home furnishings and furniture business where she played a major role in growing several businesses at companies from Country Curtains to Yield House.

She always took on each new assignment by building a strong fact base, surrounding herself with strong people and then deliberately taking decisive action to improve each business she was associated with. It was through my efforts that Nancy met and joined her current business partner, Bill Reffett.

The voters of Greensboro would be wise to elect Nancy; she will not disappoint them and will lead with conviction and honor.”

– Bill Roberti, Managing Director/Head of Public Sector Services Alvarez & Marsal LLC

“Nancy, we would not have been able to be a successful company without all you have done. I appreciate having someone I know I can talk to with good business sense I trust on what to do.”

– George Moore, President of Yield House

“Nancy is one of the hardest working, most visible and effective members of the City Council. Her leadership and vision is vital to moving Greensboro in the right direction. Her passion for our community and fervent support for UNCG is invaluable. Our community needs Nancy to continue her service on the Greensboro City Council.”

– Michael K. Garrett, Former President, UNCG Alumni Association

“I have known Nancy Hoffmann for most of my working professional life. I started as an entrepreneur in the furniture industry and lost my company during the recession in 1986-87. Nancy was familiar with my company and reached out with an opportunity to start fresh, and we have remained close friends as we have navigated through our careers. She is always the first person I go to for advice. I can rely on her for a balanced point of view, and a clear, thoughtful assessment in any situation. She is a team builder, a great listener, and always levelheaded. She is a sharp businesswoman and understands the importance of the bottom line but also knows when the best decision for a good long-term result is a compromise. She is warm and compassionate person who is willing to give to make the community a better place.”

– Frances Atherton, President of Loft Support Services

“Nancy Hoffmann is one of the most earnest, trustworthy people you could ever know. She served on our board for six years and as board chair during that time. I have known her for at least nine years and have grown each year in my admiration for her dedication and humility in service.”

– Jenny Gore, Executive Director of Reading Connections

“I have known Nancy Hoffmann and learned from her fine executive leadership through our association in the furniture industry for over 17 years.

Nancy was recruited by an astute venture capital team to join YIELD HOUSE to lead the company as Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Retail Stores and to create a marketing plan designed to turn the company around and halt a 5-year business decline. She shortly was promoted to take on the role of President of Enfield Industries, the wholesale division of Yield House, (one of the first female presidents of a furniture manufacturer) where she envisioned, then implemented a corporate strategy to recreate a thriving, nationally respected American furniture brand.

She first hired, then inspired, an outstanding team of seasoned furniture professionals. She did not do this the “easy way”, by tapping talent via offering extreme salaries/ commissions. Instead with a prudent budget, Nancy built a solid organization by creating a cohesive, high energy team that we all wanted to be a part of. She and her leadership team studied the highly competitive marketplace, implemented top notch manufacturing and packaging methods, communication tools, and launched our High Point debut with a full court press. Within 3 years, the once struggling company had grown to insure jobs for about 200 families in a small New Hampshire town and elsewhere in the US with our rep organization, and sales had grown by about $9 million wholesale.”

– Joan Fain Murphy, Murphy ICF

“'When the going gets tough, the tough get going,' says the adage. Nancy Hoffmann, District 4 Greensboro City Council representative, personifies that statement.

Not only does she hold open office hours (37 in the past five-and-a-half years) in order to listen to citizens’ concerns and then respond, but she also walks neighborhoods to meet constituents and hear their voices.

If you know someone who has contacted Nancy about a problem for which the city has responsibility, you know she tackles the problem and follows through to resolution.

And how about the National Folk Festival! This year’s festival has been wonderful, and we owe the origins in Greensboro to Nancy’s urging support from fellow council members and for seeking recognition for our city from the National Folk Festival organization.

Did you notice the lines of people at the food trucks at the festival?

Guess who sought the city’s agreement to permit food trucks in town? That’s right; it was Nancy again.

Remember Nancy Hoffmann’s contributions to our city when you vote this October. She represents us well."


-Lynn Bennett, Greensboro Constituent